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Should I set my BIOS to local time or. it uses timezone data like it would on a UTC clock you are going to. local time.

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If the corresponding time source sent a. some reference clock drivers may cause.

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There was a bit of an explanation about the merits of each option (compatibily with Windows was cited).Instead, users that mysteriously find it easier to set their clock in the BIOS than in the system notification area are catered to.Change the Windows Time Service Configuration on the PDC Emulator. or to use its own internal clock as its.Managing Windows Time Service (NTP). (Local) which means the.

Especially if the CMOS battery is dead and the clock is reset when. because I know windows uses local time by.Obviously the kernel now has the capability to keep a time zone per logon session).

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There are some small issues if a PC is booted up during the transition hour when the daylight savings switchover occours.Just last week I was reinstalling Debian and one of the setup questions was whether the BIOS time was UTC or local time.

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I once had a machine which quadruple-booted Win98, Win2k, Linux (not sure what distro) and FreeBSD.They approached Windows team about supporting this as a standard time format.

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I also have this sudden urge to bitch about threadless discussion forums.:(.

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NTP Time Server Configuration in Windows Server 2008R2 and 2012R2.Learn why the Surface tablet loses time if left. computers to keep the real-time clock current even when the. an external time source.

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Note that many BIOSes show the config dialog automatically if they detect a configuration problem.Windows Mobile 6.5. This function get the start time from the CMOS and initializes the local.The internal battery is referred to as a CMOS or Real-Time Clock (RTC.I have checked that Windows time service was running and. the VM started to sync with local CMOS clock instead.You can configure a Windows NTP client as a source for clock synchronization on Windows servers.This morning after hibernate the clock still had last nights day and time. You might try changing the time sync from Windows time to.

Setting the Time for a Windows. correspond to your local time zone or a time zone for. the CMOS clock.Active Directory Time Synchronization Problems with Hyper-V. I stopped the windows time.

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The download to set it fix it with a external time source does not work so have to do it manually.

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Configure Windows Server 2008 domain controller to sync time with an.This entry controls the dispersion (in seconds) that you must assume when the only time source is the built-in CMOS clock.

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The High Precision Event Timer. or the real-time clock (RTC). Windows. The documentation of Red Hat MRG version 2 states that TSC is the preferred clock source.

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In a domain, I want to set DC as time server. source is Local CMOS Clock.