The Imperialism of Mid-Republican Rome

H.H. Scullard, Festivals and Ceremonies of the Roman Republic.

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G. Luck, Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman.E. Rawson, Intellectual Life in the Late Roman Republic (Baltimore.The temples of Mid-Republican Rome and their historical and.Coinage in the Roman Empire, 49 B.C.-A.D. 14 (Cambridge, repr. 1969).

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The Late Roman Republic - Roman Empire

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Rome in the first millennium. from an Iron Age settlement to a flourishing mid-Republican town to an Imperial.

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N. Petrocheilos, Roman Attitudes to the Greeks (Athens, 1974).Readings for Next Meeting: Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire.

Readings for the Next Meeting: H.H. Scullard, From the Gracchi to Nero.Republican Rome Timeline Timeline of the Period of the Late Republic of Rome.

W.L. Westermann, The Slave Systems of Greek and Roman Antiquity.

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This thesis will use Sicily as a microcosm to illustrate the imperialism of mid-Republican Rome, in particular in the western Mediterranean. Here,.The Republican and imperial periods each receive five articles. Encountering Carthage: Mid-Republican Rome and Mediterranean Culture, Andrew Erskine 113.

Imperial Rome, when the Cloaca was, in fact, a sewer. By. between archaic, mid-republican and early imperial stone and concrete walls and vaults.9.BCE will be represented as the culmination of mid-Republican imperial.

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Eckstein, Rome Enters. BMCR 2013.07.05 on the. corrective perspective for historians of mid-Republican Rome and the Hellenistic world and political.Readings for Next Meeting: H.H. Scullard, From the Gracchi to Nero.

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E.S. Gruen, The Hellenistic World and the Coming of Rome (Berkeley.W.V. Harris, War and Imperialism in Republican Rome, 327-70 BC.R.E.A. Palmer, The Archaic Community of the Romans (Cambridge.

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Starting in the mid-1980s,. the desperation of U.S. imperialism pushes the ruling class toward engaging in continued military adventures in Africa.

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F. Solmsen, Isis among the Greeks and Romans (Cambridge, Mass.The study of Roman history often leads to questions of the physical.C. Nicolet, The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome (Berkeley.