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We show you how to make lye which is perfect for natural soap. work out of the process, making sure. for your soap making.Set this option to 0% if you do not want to superfat or if you are making liquid soap.Save your empty water jugs and, after sequestering, transfer your soap to them for longterm storage and use to refill your dispensers.I need to get some potassium hydroxide, but have everything else I will handles a complete line of soap making supplies and soapmaking products.

Following neutralization (or neutralization by emulsification), while your liquid soap is still hot, add (if using) scent, coloring, superfatting, thickening (if by glycerin), and sequestering agents.As I said, slightly perilous path for the beginning liquid soaper due to the research required in this pursuit.

Your liquid soap is ready to use immediately after you finish making it, but you may want to sequester some recipes for added clarity.I really love the recipes I listed here with the jojoba and the lanolin.Your other choice is to dilute further then thicken with glycerin.

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To formulate liquid soap recipes without lye excess, I recommend the recipe calculator at Soap Calc here.When making liquid soap it is helpful to have already mastered the cold process method of making soap.

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It was intimidating the first time but after just one batch I am no longer afraid.

You call the lanolin recipe a shampoo but could you use it as a hand soap.Liquid soap, like any soap, is created by combining fat with lye.

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Becky shows you her recipe for homemade liquid laundry soap with NO.Thanks so much for the beautiful site and amazing information.If you read this tutorial and want to tear your hair out, see how I make liquid soap now, the easy way, here.You may at this point want to store half the paste for later use.I am just debating on whether or not to neutralize, as I have made such a large amount, or wait to see what I want a particular amount for.When I was recipe testing for the book I ended up making nine or ten batches of cold process bar soap. natural, homemade bar soap,. to make liquid soap.

I let it cook another hour, but honestly I believe it is done.It is great feeling now I can play my liquid soap making. They have several all natural glycerin and hot process olive oil.Liquid soap, or even castile liquid takes two minutes to make once you. then you can continue the melting process over a.I made it using another recipe (not one of yours)- and found you by googling for a solution.Sorry for all the questions, but there is allot of info. out there that adds ingredients that are really not good for you.Take into account that you are, with most clear liquid soap recipes, starting with a light to dark amber natural color.I started it on a Friday and cooked it overnight until today.The liquid lanolin part, can I use the stuff found on the baby isle for breast feeding moms.

The high olive oil content in this soap would make dilution difficult even at 20 percent.You can use hard fats, but if you are in pursuit of clear liquid soap specifically, it may make your effort more difficult.

But it still does what I want it to by loosening the glob of soap to be more liquid.Sodium hydroxide is used to make hard bar soap while potassium hydroxide is used to make liquid soap.

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This is done by adding a solution of boric acid, borax, or citric acid after diluting the soap.It came out very liquid. natural soap that I make myself. reply.

No matter how many times you break it up, it will keep layering.

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A slight money saver if you buy the cheap stuff but the real savings is in the chemical free formula.